Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh Twilight...

So I too jumped on reading the Twilight books as well as buying the movie when it came out. I will blame it on having surgery so many times and needing things to fill my time. But in reality I just wanted a fun, love story about mythical vampires that didn't have it out for humans!!! So after all that I decided to create a premade scrapbook 2 page set that I am selling in my Etsy store. It is super cute and I was thinking about creating one for myself!! :) Its perfect for putting any memories on of the movie, or pics lounging this summer in the sun reading the books again before the second movie comes out!!! its fun, and you will enjoy it, I am pretty sure!!! :)

Have an amazing Friday!!!! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Motivation - Feature & Giveaway!!!

- kuteklipboardsbyamy -
Monday Motivation - Featured Artist

I thought I would kick off today with a featured artist from Etsy! Her shop is the cutest shop. I have purchased quite a few gifts as well as a few clipboards for myself (I just couldn't’t resist!!)

A look into Amy the artist behind Kuteklipboardsbyamy
1. What inspires you to create? I just love putting paper together and seeing what I can come up with. That's why all of my clipboards are OOAK and different. I love trying different combinations!

2. What is your most favorite item in your shop? I like this one at this moment:

3. What are 3 craft supplies that you cant craft without? Paper, mod podge and ribbon

4. What is a personal motto of yours? My motto would be to “Always try my best to make someone smile.”

5. If you could be an animal, which would you be? Maybe a dog?? I am looking at mine right now, snoozing away, not a care in the world................



1. Go to

2. Pick your favorite item from her shop and leave it in a comment on this blog! Also leave a way that I can contact you to notify you if you are the winner!!!

3. A winnder of the drawing will be done randomly on May 30, 2009, and the winner will be notified!!!

4. What do you win!?!? You win a free notepad that is creatively hand decorated! They are a perfect gift or you can keep it for yourself, which is exactly what I would do!!!

5. If you don't want to wait for the drawing to end, then Amy is also giving away FREE SHIPPING on any clipboard in her shop!! Just put "BLOG SPECIAL" in the note to seller!!!

This is an amazing shop and such a wonderful artists!!! Amy does amazig custom orders as well as make one of a kind products that would work perfectly in a home, car or classroom!!! Go check out her shop!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I love May 10th!!!

10% off or Free Shipping Mothers Day Sale!!!!
I love today because My wonderful Mother is celebrating Mothers Day and it also just happens to be my Sisters birthday!!! How exciting is that my family gets to celebrate my mom and my sister. I made cheesecake which was quite interesting on crutches as well as my dad grilling salmon, chicken and steak!!! My sister made the vegetables and did the whole table scape and everything to make the day special!!!

Phew am I tired right now but soooo worth all the work!!!!
So I thought I would keep up the giving and fun with offering a little deal to my blogger friends!!! If you want me to custom scrapbook all those memories that you just took the pictures of. The cute outfits of those wonderful little babies that got all dressed up for mom or pictures of my cheesecake that I put so much work into then contact me and I would love to give you the mothers day discount of free shipping (within the US) or 10% off your order whichever you decide to do!!! Just go to my website, and fill in the information of the "contact me" part! Simple as that and we will chat about all the details!!! ** This deal lasts until tuesday May 12th 2009 so that will give you a few days to contact me!!! ***
( this picture is from spa day but I thought it was a good one of us sisters!!!! Love them)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Monday Sales!!!!

I am happy to be apart of the wonderful group of Texas Sellers on Etsy! Starting at 12:01 Monday lasting thru the whole day I as well as other wonderful sellers are having sales!!! This includes buy one get one free offers like myself or, percentage sales or free gifts!! Be sure to check out any and all stores that you want! I am posting the link to the forum post on etsy that will direct you to the great group of stores!!!!

My deal is...
KT Motif - Handmade Gift Tags, Premade Custom Scrapbook layouts and Custom Designed layouts Buy One, Get One 50% off **Plus a Free Gift with Purchase (1 per customer, please)

So go check them out!!!!!!! Any questions please feel free to ask away!!! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Personal post!!!

Personal post... and Update!!!

So I wanted to update all my readers, why I have been missing in action for a few weeks. I am currently recovering from my 11 hip surgery and am probably going to have an implant put in that will help out with the pain! I did the trial all last week and have been a bit "under the weather" so keep checking back with KT Motif!!! I am busy working on a few different projects! I completed a wedding gift that was a pleasure to make for a friend of the family.

I am also putting together some promo items for KT Motif and working on some brochures! I am also working on a album that is going back 6 generations of my Mom's side of the family. It is going to be amazing when I get done with it!! Its so beautiful!!!!

Part 2 of my How to will be coming soon as well! I hope to have that written by the end of the week as well as more pictures posted about the heritage album!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

KT Motif featured and offering a Giveaway !!!!

KT Motif is being featured and offering a Giveaway!!!!!

Go to this blog and read a fun few questions about me and then follow the instructions for the giveaway!!!! I am offering a Complete custom page, you get to decide on everything and all I do is put the page together! Its all about capturing your story!!!

So.. what are you waiting for ... go check out the blog and win my giveaway!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Featured on this lovely website!!!

Featured on

Wow, I just got an email from admin of this brand new website and I am fortunate enough to be featured on this lovely website,!!!!!! It was so great to come home and find this email waiting for me so take a look and find KT Motif and the little bio about me!!!! There are some amazing stores that have also been featured so be sure to stop and check those out too! You never know you might find exactly what you have been wanting!!! The website is:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Business Cards Arrived!!!

New Business Cards!!!!

Brand new business cards arrived today in the mail! I am so thrilled they are here! and they look great!!! I have been working on the design along with my business website and they are almost done! I am so proud of everything I have been working on through the ups and downs of life! Its crazy how if you get a vision and you stay focused on those things then everything else will fall into place!!! So check my card out and my website if you want to learn more about KT Motif, and the designer behind the name, me Katie!

Still working on the second installment of my "How To" series but wanted to interject my great news about my business cards!

Also I am going to be sending out a mailer with some coupons and some info about KT Motif so if you want to get in on the specials then shoot me and email or leave a comment on my website and we can chat!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Where to start...

Where to start... Part 1

So I have been doing a lot of research and thinking about "scrapbooking" in general. I want this post to be an encouragement to you! So grab a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite iced tea and get ready to be inspired!!!

Scrapbooking.. where to start...

Start with your most favorite picture, it doesn't matter if it is from 8 years ago or last night! You have to start somewhere so why not start with your most favorite picture. Next, do you have pictures that go with that one, if so group them together. If you don't then find some "like" pictures or pictures with the same colors in it or the same people. Your goal is to gather at least 6-8 pictures that you can collect together so that you can have a complete two page layout. I do almost all my scrapbook pages as sets, I find its easier to layout pictures and have more content when working with two pages rather then one page! So go look for your most favorite picture... go!! What are you waiting for!!?!?

Tomorrow... Part 2 what to do with that favorite picture!!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spoons & Love - My Treasury Listing!!

Spoons & Love -
I was lucky enough to snag a listing for the Treasury Listing on Etsy tonight! I included wonderful etsy designers that have created some of my most favorite pieces on Etsy! I am including a link for my treasury if you would like to check it out!! It is only going to be available to be looked at for a few days so HURRY!! :)

Here is the link...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walk down memory lane for sure!

SOOOO long ago...

My mom was cleaning out the attic today and found some OLD scrapbooks, like so old some from when she was a kid and then some from when I was younger. They were precious but I am definitely going to re do the books! The memories that go with those pictures hit me instantly, each time I looked at the different pictures. Its amazing how strong pictures are in recalling those favorite past times, friends or your favorites! There was a picture of myself and my family going to pick strawberries, and when I saw it I thought of when we left there and we went home and made strawberry jam!! These all are the reasons that I do scrapbooking and want to help others to capture those stories and memories... My tagline is "capturing your story" and I truly mean that... So I encourage you to grab a few photos and remember those stories that go with that picture and jot them down!! Dont forget them! Because I know that someday I wont remember and I dont want that I want to remember as much as I can!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Holidays to Capture

Need Some Ideas!!!!

So I was trying to think what holidays were coming up and how I could capture them on paper. I know Mardi Gras is sooo close and that beads are one of the main things that runs at the forefront of your mind when you think about it, so I was trying to come up with a plan to make some pages. But I am not sure if it is too late to do some scrapbook pages to put in my Etsy store as well as my website with premade pages. Hmmm... Any thoughts!? I think that people are still trying to scrapbook all of those Winter Holiday pictures!! I know I am for my personal scrapbooks!! So what I am wondering is what are some holidays that I can/will start working on!?!?

Any suggestions!?

Second question, if you would like to be included in my email updates on Specials (which I will be having one for the month of March) then please email me thru my blog or go to my website and click on "contact" tab and then add your information! It will go straight to me via an email!

And our Dove Promise for today is... Believe in Yourself!!! ... oohh I LOVE that one!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gather Your Favorite Food!!!

Gather Your Favorite Food & Read....

So I was inspired today, I was talking with my Mom about favorite things she liked to cook and how we could preserve those recipes. Do you have that one favorite thing that has been at every holiday and every occasion as long as you can remember? Well I have that too! We have this "Wally's green jello" that has made it to every Christmas and Easter celebration as I can remember and when my Grandmother, who was the wonderful cook who made it, when she passed away it was a big deal at the next holiday figure out who was supposed to make that. Well ever since then I told myself I never wanted to forget that recipe or any other recipe that we "always made."
So I decided that I was going to make a "scrapbook" more so a memorabilia book that included all our favorite recipes. I know this isn't a new idea to the world but I am going to start making them! I might even go to the extent of contacting my Grandmother and asking her some of her favorite recipes and then ask her some about her mom's favorite, so that I have a few generations of recipes.
Of course I would use amazing paper and embellishments to capture those recipes. Like if they were Christmas food, or things they had at their weddings I would add details that way! It is going to be amazing and I for sure will post pictures along the process! I know this will be perfect for not only myself but anyone who wants to keep track all of those amazing recipes and the memories that come with each food!!!
And as I was finishing up this post I had the most perfect dove chocolate "promise"..."Share stories, share memories, embrace your life"... Perfect!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Exciting Days!!!

My Bit of Inspiration...

I thought I would take the plunge and start a blog! I hope to meet new people and inspire others to get those pictures out of boxes in your storage or up in the attic and get them into books! I love pictures! I always have, I was the one when I was younger that would also dress up and then stand in the corner with silk flowers "modeling" in old prom dresses that Mom happened to find at garage sales. I look through those pictures and just laugh at myself because there is no way that I would put those pictures in a scrapbook, but then on the other hand I would LOVE to show those pictures to my future kids someday! Oh the memories! You know as you read that you have pictures just like that! And of course everyone has pictures of "that first snow fall", "first day of school", "off to college", and "our first Christmas." All of those pictures need to be captured in a book so that you and your wonderful family can see them and they be admired for so many years to come!! So if you are interested in learning about scrapbooking through my exploration of new ideas or want that daily (hopefully) bit of inspiration then this is a blog to follow!!! I will posting new pictures of work that I will be working on and other items of just plain fun things that happen to go on in the process!!!