Friday, February 20, 2009

Exciting Days!!!

My Bit of Inspiration...

I thought I would take the plunge and start a blog! I hope to meet new people and inspire others to get those pictures out of boxes in your storage or up in the attic and get them into books! I love pictures! I always have, I was the one when I was younger that would also dress up and then stand in the corner with silk flowers "modeling" in old prom dresses that Mom happened to find at garage sales. I look through those pictures and just laugh at myself because there is no way that I would put those pictures in a scrapbook, but then on the other hand I would LOVE to show those pictures to my future kids someday! Oh the memories! You know as you read that you have pictures just like that! And of course everyone has pictures of "that first snow fall", "first day of school", "off to college", and "our first Christmas." All of those pictures need to be captured in a book so that you and your wonderful family can see them and they be admired for so many years to come!! So if you are interested in learning about scrapbooking through my exploration of new ideas or want that daily (hopefully) bit of inspiration then this is a blog to follow!!! I will posting new pictures of work that I will be working on and other items of just plain fun things that happen to go on in the process!!!


  1. Oh you have to scrapbook those pages for future generations! I have very few of my childhood memories captured because of a fire we had when I was a Sophomore in High School. Good memories are worth capturing and revisiting. Good luck with you blog and your business, I will make a wish to the sales fairy to visit you. ;)

  2. This is a very nice layout for travel pics. I don't lean to the cute side of scrapbooking so this one I really like. Thanks so much for visiting and deciding to follow my blog--I appreciate your interest! :-)

    Tina Pfeiffer
    Pfeiffer Photos