Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walk down memory lane for sure!

SOOOO long ago...

My mom was cleaning out the attic today and found some OLD scrapbooks, like so old some from when she was a kid and then some from when I was younger. They were precious but I am definitely going to re do the books! The memories that go with those pictures hit me instantly, each time I looked at the different pictures. Its amazing how strong pictures are in recalling those favorite past times, friends or your favorites! There was a picture of myself and my family going to pick strawberries, and when I saw it I thought of when we left there and we went home and made strawberry jam!! These all are the reasons that I do scrapbooking and want to help others to capture those stories and memories... My tagline is "capturing your story" and I truly mean that... So I encourage you to grab a few photos and remember those stories that go with that picture and jot them down!! Dont forget them! Because I know that someday I wont remember and I dont want that I want to remember as much as I can!!!!

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  1. I've never made a scrap book...someday I'd like to try it though...oh to find the time.