Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gather Your Favorite Food!!!

Gather Your Favorite Food & Read....

So I was inspired today, I was talking with my Mom about favorite things she liked to cook and how we could preserve those recipes. Do you have that one favorite thing that has been at every holiday and every occasion as long as you can remember? Well I have that too! We have this "Wally's green jello" that has made it to every Christmas and Easter celebration as I can remember and when my Grandmother, who was the wonderful cook who made it, when she passed away it was a big deal at the next holiday figure out who was supposed to make that. Well ever since then I told myself I never wanted to forget that recipe or any other recipe that we "always made."
So I decided that I was going to make a "scrapbook" more so a memorabilia book that included all our favorite recipes. I know this isn't a new idea to the world but I am going to start making them! I might even go to the extent of contacting my Grandmother and asking her some of her favorite recipes and then ask her some about her mom's favorite, so that I have a few generations of recipes.
Of course I would use amazing paper and embellishments to capture those recipes. Like if they were Christmas food, or things they had at their weddings I would add details that way! It is going to be amazing and I for sure will post pictures along the process! I know this will be perfect for not only myself but anyone who wants to keep track all of those amazing recipes and the memories that come with each food!!!
And as I was finishing up this post I had the most perfect dove chocolate "promise"..."Share stories, share memories, embrace your life"... Perfect!!!!


  1. This is an an awesome idea. We have a few of those traditional recipes that always appeared on the dinner table. If we don't capture them now they may be lost forever. I am inspired.

  2. That is exactly right!!! Now is the time to remember them. I think I might include a little bit of journaling next to the recipe and then if I have a picture of the person add that too!!!