Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Business Cards Arrived!!!

New Business Cards!!!!

Brand new business cards arrived today in the mail! I am so thrilled they are here! and they look great!!! I have been working on the design along with my business website and they are almost done! I am so proud of everything I have been working on through the ups and downs of life! Its crazy how if you get a vision and you stay focused on those things then everything else will fall into place!!! So check my card out and my website if you want to learn more about KT Motif, and the designer behind the name, me Katie!

Still working on the second installment of my "How To" series but wanted to interject my great news about my business cards!

Also I am going to be sending out a mailer with some coupons and some info about KT Motif so if you want to get in on the specials then shoot me and email or leave a comment on my website and we can chat!!!

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  1. Those cards look great! I just redid mine, too, but they're not printed yet. Lots of success to you!