Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I love May 10th!!!

10% off or Free Shipping Mothers Day Sale!!!!
I love today because My wonderful Mother is celebrating Mothers Day and it also just happens to be my Sisters birthday!!! How exciting is that my family gets to celebrate my mom and my sister. I made cheesecake which was quite interesting on crutches as well as my dad grilling salmon, chicken and steak!!! My sister made the vegetables and did the whole table scape and everything to make the day special!!!

Phew am I tired right now but soooo worth all the work!!!!
So I thought I would keep up the giving and fun with offering a little deal to my blogger friends!!! If you want me to custom scrapbook all those memories that you just took the pictures of. The cute outfits of those wonderful little babies that got all dressed up for mom or pictures of my cheesecake that I put so much work into then contact me and I would love to give you the mothers day discount of free shipping (within the US) or 10% off your order whichever you decide to do!!! Just go to my website, and fill in the information of the "contact me" part! Simple as that and we will chat about all the details!!! ** This deal lasts until tuesday May 12th 2009 so that will give you a few days to contact me!!! ***
( this picture is from spa day but I thought it was a good one of us sisters!!!! Love them)

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